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What Am I Doing Wrong?

Ever wondered what you might be doing wrong concerning issues of sexual based violence ? Well we picked out a list of points that might help you identify what exactly you might be doing wrong .

Shutting Down Male Victims.

It can happen to any gender and can be done by any gender. Normalising, suppressing and

being less empathetic about this only makes the problem worse.

Questioning the victim about the incident.

The survivor was not only terrified but is still fighting a lot of pain and trauma. To

expect someone to deal with such a difficult situation in the smartest possible way is

ridiculous and wrong at so many levels.

Covering up for someone who has committed a sexual crime

Even if the offender felt guilty after assaulting someone, it won't take back what they did.

Them feeling terrible won't take away the pain from survivors. So helping a friend cover up

their crime makes the you equally guilty.

Thinking One Deserved' It

No person deserves to go through this trauma. It may look like a one time 'punishment' for others, but a lifetime of pain for the victim. At the same time, everyone deserves to be

respected and treated according to their boundaries and no one gives you the right to think

other way.

False allegations

It is important to acknowledge all the real ones and necessary to strictly punish the ones who

put up false allegations. It doesn't just highly defame the one who was put to blame, but it

also makes it very hard for the genuine survivors to come out and speak because there is

always a fear that people won't believe us.

Failing to speak about sexual based violence

Failing to speak about the problems we face is a problem which grows to a bigger problem that comes to bite us. Sexual based violence issues are under reported so many times because of the

way people feel there is no need to talk about and how survivors are being stigmatised. Today we worry about the increasing number of cases but ignore the fact that some people still believe these issues should be less talked about either because of shame, religious or cultural reasons.

It is not just about being supportive, it is about being aware!!!

By: Nitya Kapur

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