• Mafer Apo

The Abuse We Normalize

Updated: Feb 3

1) Before taking any big step try to do all the research about the nearby and available options ( domestic abuse shelters, govt aid clinics etc.). Delete the history, so that you don't get caught. 

2) Slowly start connecting yourself with the outside world, try getting back in touch with some old friends secretly. If you trust them enough then ask them for help. Learn the symbol of domestic violence and signal it to people nearby when outside if possible. When someone knows the meaning of the symbol they will try to reach out to you. 

3) Make a list for the resources available to you right now and the ones that you will need once you escape. Try to be mentally prepared because it isn't going to be an easy journey. 

4) Try saving up a little money, very cautiously. Because once you get out, being completely independent is going to be very hard.

5) If you fail in doing all of these, then always remember that it isn't your fault and the culprit has been bounding you in a very rigid relationship. 

6) Even though it is a lot easier being said than done, have patience and try to not move into self destruction.

Photo Credit : Noah Buscher

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