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In the United States of America one of the greatest social media phenomenon is #MeToo, a movement which dislodged scores of men from their high-power positions and sparking a national conversation about workplace sexual harassment.

Well in Nigeria it seems 2020 will forever be remembered as “That Year”, that year Nigerian Social media caught fire with different hashtags of scores calling out Rapists, Abusers and Sexual predators .

Nigerian Twitter has always been that platform many, release stress either by the daily banter, venting out their frustration and also dragging the living day light out of anyone who offends them politically, socially and even sexually. This year I can say it was different from the norm; the norm being tweeps just interested in the “who is dragging who today?”.

The past 2 weeks was different, it was overwhelming and was majorly a collective voice against sexual violence, which all started with the hashtags #JusticeForUwa which gathered 680.7k tweets and 1.9 million engagement on twitter alone in 4 days, with the voice of many seeking justice for the beautiful beautiful  22-year-old Vera Uwaila Omozuwa who  sought the quiet of her empty church in Benin City, southern Nigeria, as a place to study. Hours later she was raped and killed. Although Authorities in Nigeria have not done enough to combat sexual violence in the past years , I do have a strong feeling this will make an impact especially for the fact, the president of the Nation reacted to the news as well as the Senate who are the major law makers of the country. This incident also generated other related hashtags that has helped many to share their stories and call out their abusers. Below are some of the hashtags that were trending list :

1 #justiceforuwa

2 #justicefortina

3 #justiceforjennifer

4 #saynotorape

5 #wearetired

6 #justiceforbarakat

7 #enoughisenough

8 #rapeisacrime

9 #endrape

10 #stoprapingwomen

11 #stoprape

12 #justiceforvictims

13 #saynotorapist

These hashtags will never be forgotten because its real life and stories of many which have gone through. Change is now, be inspired to speak out, even with hashtags.

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