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All survivors get access to healing and a world without sexual based violence ... one day .

That’s the goal. I’ve been telling people but it’s always treated as impossible but I believe that at least we will attain the goal of helping survivors find healing and educating our communities on issues concerning sexual based violence .

This vision started on September 19th, 2019 . All I really wanted to do as a survivor was heal completely and find means of healings for other survivors especially knowing that majority of survivors in my environ, West Africa could not afford therapy while rape culture shuts them up from the knowing the dangers of their pain.

But how can this work if society isn’t educated about the dangers of sexual based violence ?

Look at us today, as we are still looking and working towards finding ways to help more survivors, we are glad to have reached lives across the world, revealing to us that we share a common fight and together we can make a difference .

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has reached out through DM and emails, you motivate us to do more . Thank you to all the volunteers, you are amazing for joining this fight . To our 17K followers on instagram and blog readers , you are the real deal ; thanks for the shares, comments, suggestions and corrections. Yes I see all of it. To the survivors, I’m You and You are Me, We are survivors , we are in this together and together we shall heal.

We birthed Heal and Chill Foundation .

We have more content coming your way and I hope you Join us today as we kick off our live sessions . We are open to all suggestions and collaborations to reach our goal . Thanks and have a beautiful day .🤗


Christy Ukata

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