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Dear Survivor, Take Your Time

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Dear Survivor,

Take Your Time .

There is always a lot of unsaid pressure on survivors to talk about it, to get over it. People just assume that it's been a long time since the incident so the survivors need to forget about it. What they don't know is the journey of the messy healing that you aren't comfortable being vocal about. Everyone grows stronger at their own pace and it isn't fair to expect another to heal as quickly or as slowly as you.

Take as much time as you need to talk about it, share your details. Yes it may be necessary to speak for the sake of justice but talking about it with the people you know still remains your command.

You speak when you feel comfortable about it. You are never "too late". Even if it doesn't change anything on the outside, it will bring peace on the inside.

Always remember that there is no reason to self blame. The shame is on them and not at all on you. Things will get better soon.

It takes more than just courage. It takes getting over your fears of being judged and shamed. And congratulations for being so strong.

Author: Nitya Kapur

Photo Credit: Dan Meyers

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