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6th August 2019 I was meant to have a movie night with this guy( we’ll call him Arron, just for safety reasons) he ended up not coming and instead went to the pub with his friend Abad got drunk. He told me he still wanted to come other, but I wasn’t in the mood as it was late and he was drunk. While he had my address already, because he was meant to come over. So it now midnight and he shows up and the house, even though I begged him not to. I opened the door and he pushed passed me making his way into the house, I went into the kitchen to grab him some water. Trying to sober him up a little bit to at least tell him where he lived so I could book him a taxi. But while my back was turned he started walking upstairs.

I turned around and followed him as this was strange, when I got to my room in was in the bed just laying in his boxers. Still thinking I could sober him up, I gave him the glass of water, he grabbed my wrist. With the other hand he grabbed the water and put it on the bed side unit. Once he did this he then pulled me into the bed so he was now spooning me. I couldn’t move as both his arms where around me. I didn’t feel comfortable at all so I was thinking of ways to get up, trying to go to the toilet or grab a drink. But every-time I would sit up, Aaron pushed me back down again. I did this a couple of times because I was really desperate. He ended up getting really annoyed and just pinned me down. So he’s now on top of me, my hairs are pinned above me head. I knew what was about to happen and I wanted to fight it. I was shouting for him to get off. I was moving as much as a could. But I wasn’t strong enough against the 6ft man.

He was enjoying me struggling and that’s when I felt him move my shorts to the side. I couldn’t do anything at this point so a just gave up. He won my body. After he had finished he rolled over and went to sleep, for about 2 hours. He then went home. Once he was gone I showered and went to work as if nothing happened. Because it just felt like a bad dream. It wasn’t until the December that it actually hit me that it happened and it was real. I told my mum, family and of course the police ( they are still doing an investigation).

In the past year I’ve been a lot better and dealing with the ptsd. I’ve had workshops and CBT. My mum is super supportive as well as my family. My boyfriend really understands and he doesn’t pressure me or anything. He likes to talk about it sometimes so he understands me emotions and thoughts. I want any survivors to know that things do get better. Don’t let your rapist take anything else from you. Try and live you life and don’t let them win.

Image Credit :Danielle Dolson

Disclaimer : Every "Survivor Story" published on this site are true stories sent in by survivors .

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