About Us.

Heal and Chill is a safe space and growing community of survivors who want to help victims find that first step towards healing , while educating everyone on the importance of safe spaces. We meet, build relationships, share experiences, learn and support each other.


Victims want to be understood and cared for. They all want to live in a society that supports and understands them. Even when it seems like the world is crushing up on them and not understanding their grief, Heal and Chill is here for them.

Our mission is to encourage healing and  provide leadership in educating of  sexual violence through collaborating, creating and sharing resources.

  1. Promote the importance of healing from the scars and experiences of sexual violence.

  2.  Provide leadership in educating of sexual         violence through collaborations, creating and sharing resources.

  3.  Foster positive attitudinal and behavioural change in communities, with the help of  and partnership with stakeholders on primary, secondary and tertiary initiative. 

  4. Engage in individual and systems advocacy, education, training, research, information provision, and any other actions that may lead to better outcomes for everyone. 

Our Mission


Our Vision

Our vision is to stop Sexual Violence and stop Rape Culture !!!

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